2024 Retreat

Video Message from Maa

“Blessings and love to all my dear children. 

Come together with mind body and soul for a greater purpose. The new initiates who are initiated they all should have Maa’s blessings in person and you all should unite to bring that purpose into its complete vision. Bring your efforts together in one direction so that Maa can visit the USA with more ease and how everybody can contribute in that direction. At least once in a year an initiate should make an effort to meet Guru on Guru Purnima or around it. Bhakti needs the blessings from Guru in person as well so together bring your efforts in this direction. 

A Guru and the disciples is a tradition that has been going on since ages and will always be there because it’s a universal Truth which nobody can deny or change. 

So my dear children come together and support each other to bring Guru Maa over there . Being patient and awaiting the right moment in that direction. 

Come together for this purpose. 

Blessings and love to all. 

‘There is something which Maa has said now for you. If there are people who are supporting the Satsangs just bring that support to the direction for Maa to reach there and Maa will come there when it is convenient. The people who are supporting give their names and put best efforts and the others who are not supporting leave it. Shakti is watching and observing everything.” 

MAA December 1, 2023

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