• 2024 Retreat

    You’ve Been Called

    All are invited to donate in the effort to bring Maa to the United States! Come be a part of the Celebration of Maa’s Love and receive Her Blessing in Person!

    Help us reach out goal of $5000 by January so that Maa is able to create the paper trail needed to obtain her travel visa!

  • 2024 Retreat

    Christmas Blessing

    Blessings and love to all my children. My wishes are for everyone for the celebration on this beautiful day.

    Always remember the divine is present everywhere and in every moment, it’s just that the form changes and when the time is difficult then you all need to come together and stay together because then the divine is connected not just within but it becomes outward as one and every one can feel that connection within.

    The true purpose of life is which gives you peace within the path of righteousness. The path of righteousness is that which brings us upward from the shadows of darkness, itself is guiding us towards the balance where the bright light of the divine is the balance that was required. To bring purpose to life is important but what is more important is to understand and acknowledge the Self.

    The bright light in the form of Jesus brings compassion within everyone and gives you the strength to walk on the path of righteousness. Paths of righteousness can sometimes become opposite when we add more rigidity towards it. There should always be space for flexibility which makes the path easier.

    Blessings and love to all.

    Ya Devi sarvabhuteshu Maa Mary rooopen sansthita , Namastayai Namastasyi Namastasyi Namoh Namaha.

    Holy Maa December 24, 2023

  • 2024 Retreat

    Update for All Initiates

    There will be an update on the 2024 Retreat on December 24, 2023 at 8PM MST. Zoom link can be obtained from Swami Ji.

    Holy Maa says

    “let the voice reach those who are interested in hearing the call. They will listen to it and understand it accordingly. Those people who are interested will come and those who are not will not come.


    Holy Maa on December 20, 2023

  • 2024 Retreat


    This is the home of all details around Maa’s upcoming visit to the US, which is tentatively scheduled for July, 2024.

    Contact Swami Ji with all inquiries. More updates to follow soon!

  • 2024 Retreat

    Video Message from Maa

    “Blessings and love to all my dear children. 

    Come together with mind body and soul for a greater purpose. The new initiates who are initiated they all should have Maa’s blessings in person and you all should unite to bring that purpose into its complete vision. Bring your efforts together in one direction so that Maa can visit the USA with more ease and how everybody can contribute in that direction. At least once in a year an initiate should make an effort to meet Guru on Guru Purnima or around it. Bhakti needs the blessings from Guru in person as well so together bring your efforts in this direction. 

    A Guru and the disciples is a tradition that has been going on since ages and will always be there because it’s a universal Truth which nobody can deny or change. 

    So my dear children come together and support each other to bring Guru Maa over there . Being patient and awaiting the right moment in that direction. 

    Come together for this purpose. 

    Blessings and love to all. 

    ‘There is something which Maa has said now for you. If there are people who are supporting the Satsangs just bring that support to the direction for Maa to reach there and Maa will come there when it is convenient. The people who are supporting give their names and put best efforts and the others who are not supporting leave it. Shakti is watching and observing everything.” 

    MAA December 1, 2023